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"One Ways."

"ONE WAY" air charters are on aircraft that are used only one way, however, the client had to pay for the return flight. Sometimes it is referred to as "Dead Head" or "Empty Seat". This gives the air charter operator the ability to sell the return flight at significantly discounted price. Normally, the flight is priced at the regular rate, but just for the portioned flown, thus giving you a price much lower than a full fare air charter.

DAILY "ONE WAY" NOTIFICATION: There are literally hundreds of air charter operators that notify Aspen Aviation on a daily basis about their one way air charters. If you need to get some place fast, and can come back commercially or if you are only going one way, this is a great way to travel. Sometimes  you can get lucky and get a "One Way" back from whence you came.

Most of the one way air charters we are notified about are for jet aircraft. If you are going east or west, or from the New York area to Florida, there is a good chance of getting one.

For Example: If someone charters a jet from Miami to Aspen and pays for the round trip. Our customer may take the one way trip back to Miami at a reduced rate. Since the customer has already paid for the return trip, any additional sale of the empty leg is total profit for the operator.

Usually, one ways are priced at the normal hourly charge, but the customer only pays for the time used plus any re-positioning costs incurred in picking them up at an airport other than where the aircraft is located.

However, if it is within a few days of departure, and the operator has not sold the empty leg, the operator may significantly discount the flight.

Aspen Aviation normally has over two hundred “one ways” at any given time from which to select. Please ask about our One Way List.


If your request comes late at night, there will be fewer one way air charters available, mainly due to pilot duty time. However, if you know well in advance, give us a call and let us work our magic! Let our Booking Agent aka the "Miracale Man" see what he can come up with.