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Air Cargo Charters

If you need to get it there now, and need to get everything right the first time, you have come to the right place.

There is much more to an air cargo charter than meets the eye. First you need an aircraft that will accommodate your air cargo. An extra inch in the wrong place, and the cargo will not fit.

Then there is the loading and off-loading. If you don’t have the proper equipment, things don’t always go so well, and there is always the possibility of damaging the air charter aircraft.

With Aspen Aviation in charge of your important air cargo’s transportation, your worries are over. Our Cargo associate has  27 years plus experience, who has always delivered customers goods to there desired location. There have been hic-ups, but it is how you handle the hic-ups that keeps customers coming back.

Most of the hic-ups come from when accurate dimension are not given, or when the quantity multiplies. It is amazing how freight grows. To insure the best air charter aircraft for your air cargo charter, please have accurate measurements. Ball park measurements can work for starters, but again, an extra inch can ruin your whole day.

Also, check to see if the cargo size can be broken down. Pallets are easy to transport by truck, but on an aircraft we may not have the room.

To insure a smooth Air Cargo Charter please have / know the following:

  • Accurate dimensions of each piece.
  • Accurate count of pieces being shipped.
  • Accurate weight of the total shipment.
  • Ask if the pallets can be broken down into smaller commodities.
  • Ask if the item can be tipped without damaging it. This is very important
  • Ask if speed or cost is more important.
  • Ask what time the shipment needs to arrive.                                               
  • A few extra hours of delivery time can mean big savings!

What services to expect from Aspen Aviation for your Air Cargo Charter.

      • Fast and courteous service.
      • Aircraft and availability in 20 minutes or less – 24/7
      • The best aircraft at the lowest price available.
      • Once the aircraft is confirmed, a comprehensive confirmation letter that gives you all of the necessary details of the flight which includes:
        • Proposed itinerary and flight times.
        • Where the freight will be pick-up and delivered at the airports. This includes the name of the Fixed Base Operator, their location on the field, their address and phone number at the departure airport and arrival airport
        • Who will be loading and un-loading the aircraft and type of equipment.
        • Name of company/person delivering/picking up the freight, along with contact numbers
        • Aircraft’s tail number, colors of the aircraft, company operating the aircraft, pilot or crews name and cell phones
        • Billing arrangements
          • Flight following phone calls when:
            • The aircraft arrives
            • When the aircraft is loaded, and when it departs.
            • If there is an fuel stop, when the aircraft arrives, and departs fuel stop.
            • When the aircraft arrives at the final destination
            • When the cargo if off-loaded, and who signed for it.

Aspen Aviation’s role is usually getting your cargo from one airport to another. Trucking cargo to your air cargo charter is not our forte. However, if you need help, we will do our best to assist you.

A few of our freight forwarders thought by working with Aspen Aviation and seeing how we operate could manage their own air cargo charters. They tried it, then came back to us immediately saying the consistent service we provide is what they need for their customers.

Our Cargo associate has been working with thousands of air charter companies on a daily basis for over 25 years plus has given us an insight to making air charters go smoothly and as promised all the time. Give us a try, I know you will like the service and our prices!