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Aspen Aviation vs. Aircraft Ownership

Comparing Aspen Aviation to aircraft ownership

Owning an aircraft is expensive.

First there is the acquisition cost of the aircraft. This is the easy part of aircraft ownership.

Then you have the operating cost. These are the planned and un-planned costs incurred to keep your aircraft flying.

Costs include:

·        Crew,

·        Crew training,

·        Maintenance,

·        Insurance,

·        Hangars &

·        Parking fees,

·        Fuel,

·        Landing Fees,

·        and much more.

Fractional charter companies make owning an aircraft simpler by dividing the costs of owning an entire aircraft between several owners.

How things have changed:  

·        Originally they advertised that owners could have their aircraft available in about 8 hours from your call.

1.      Today, however, they ask for up to 3 days notice.

2.      And if you want your aircraft sooner, it can cost an extra 40 to 50 percent!

3.      Require a large up-front cost for purchasing a portion of the aircraft.

4.      High monthly management fees, and

5.     Trip charges which a little here and a little there eventually add up.  

The trip charges alone are equal, to or higher than a regular charter through Aspen Aviation.

By using Aspen Aviation’s services, you can have many advantages:

·        All the advantages of aircraft ownership,

·        No additional costs,

·        No responsibilities,

·        The right type of aircraft for a specific flight requirement.

·        The right size of aircraft for a specific flight requirement.

·        As your needs vary, Aspen Aviation can offer flexibility,

·        In addition, Aspen Aviation routinely provides our clients with innovative and economical options to consider before they make the final flight plans.


Why Aspen Aviation  ? 


Showing up early at the airport means you can relax before your flight, showing up late means you can relax until the next one.


When you plan ahead with Aspen Aviation you are relaxed on the way to the jetport cause the plane waits for you.