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Airline Back-Up or Sub-Service

Not only does Aspen Aviation keep track of all the small aircraft in North America, we also keep track of all the airliners. This allows Aspen Aviation to provide back-up or sub-service aircraft to our nations’ large air carriers. We also provide this service to many of the airlines operating through out North America.


Services provided by Aspen Aviation :

  • Within 20 to 60 minutes, we will contact 121 air carriers with aircraft that may be available with sub-service capability.
  • As we locate the aircraft, we will update you with our results in the form of the air carrier operating the aircraft, location where the aircraft will be coming from, the ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) rate and ACMI ferry rate if available, the position time to relocate to your departure city, time the aircraft is available for sub service, seating configuration, and where the aircraft is returning to.
  • Once we have checked with all of our sources, we will let you know what your options are, or if no aircraft are available for sub-service. Knowing that a back-up aircraft is not available will help you move onto other options.
  • Once the aircraft has been selected, Aspen Aviation will provide you with all of the contact numbers for the sub-service air carrier dispatch and other pertinent contacts

Cost of sub-service provided by Aspen Aviation. Aspen Aviation charges $100 an hour above the ACMI rate. The rate given to the air carrier requesting the sub-service will have our fee included in that rate. The airline providing the sub-service will reimburse Aspen Aviation after they receive payment. If there are no aircraft available for sub-service, there is no charge from Aspen Aviation.

Please let us know if you need an air carrier that is 121 scheduled, 129, or 121 un-scheduled qualified.

Long Term Sub-Service: If you have an aircraft going into “C” check or other long term maintenance, we can provide aircraft for these operations too!

Aspen Aviation’s associates have been providing sub-service for 25 years plus. We do it to help out our air carrier friends. When you have a broke aircraft, it is nice to know you can make one phone call and know that you will be well taken care of, especially when all of your other duties have just sky rocked.

We also provide back-up aircraft for small aircraft operators!