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Charter Selection

Picking a charter operator


When requesting a charter from Aspen Aviation, we pre-qualify operators to our specifications. Some of the prerequisites that customers ask for and we insist upon are these:

  • Insurance liability: Industry standards are usually one million dollars per passenger, However, higher limits are available up to 100 million per aircraft. Note: Very few operators carry the 100 million dollar limit.

  • Age of the aircraft: Many aircraft used for air charter are from the 1970’s and 1980’s. Even though they are older, every part and component on the aircraft is within 50% of their useable time life. Paint and interiors are also refurbished on a regular basis. If you have a preference for aircraft age, we can provide those for you.

  • ARGUS or YVERN approved operators: Aspen Aviation does review the status of bronze, silver, gold and platinum ratings as yet another indication of quality beyond the ongoing FAA reviews.

  • Mountain Operators: If you are going into mountain airports, charter operators who routinely fly into these airports or those who do mountain check outs may be somewhat safer than charter operators who do not.

  • Specific type of aircraft: If you have a preference for a particular aircraft, we can get you that type and model of aircraft. If you have another preference that you would like us to search for, just let us know, and it will be done!