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Corporate Air Charter

With our 18,000 plus aircraft to choose from for your air charter business travel, we can almost always find you the right aircraft for your travel needs and at the lowest available cost.

For immediate flights within North America we can provide you with aircraft availability and pricing within 20 minutes. Once you say “Go”, we can usually have you airborne within 60 to 90 minutes, 24/7

With a Corporate Air Charter, you have over 8,000 additional airports to choose from versus the 800 airports serviced by scheduled air carriers. This alone, will help expedite your travel time.

Most airports continually update their fixed base operators or FBO’s. This is where we park our aircraft, and where you board your aircraft. Most have executive lounges where you may rest or conduct a business meeting in luxurious comfort. Parking for your car is almost always free. Also, you may find that you can drive right up to your aircraft and unload or pick up your luggage plane side.

After parking your car, you will be personally greeted by your pilot or crew. Once on board, the aircraft will depart almost immediately. Soft drinks and snacks are readily available to you in most cases. If you ordered catering, you may now enjoy your culinary delights.

Please let us know if you need a car or limousine service at any of your destinations. Your air charter coordinator will gladly make these arrangements for you.

When you are looking at the cost of an air charter, don’t forget to subtract all the little things that you may not need since your travel time will be shortened considerable with your air charter. These range in extra hotel costs, extra meals, time saved being at work or at home much sooner. Don’t forget about the extra travel time that you will not have traveling from the major airport to your final destination versus landing at an airport much closer to your destination.

If needed you can conduct a secure and uninterrupted business meeting during the flight.

Also, showing up in your own private air charter shows your client or customer that you mean business, and that you know time is money.