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There are about 5,300 public and 2,100 private airports in the United States. Of these, scheduled air carriers use only about 800. However, charters can utilize almost all of these 7,400 airports.

This means that a charter can usually reduce your drive time by picking you up at an airport closer to home or work and getting you closer to your destination. Besides reducing your surface transportation time to and from major airports, we can depart as soon as you arrive.

With an air charter, we can usually get you to a destination in about the same amount of time it takes you to arrive at a major airport, find parking, check in, clear security, and wait a minimum of 45 minutes before your scheduled flight departs. Also, at these alternate airports, parking is usually close in and free! And, if you have a rent-a-car reserved, most fixed base operators at the executive airports will pull the car up to plane-side and help you transfer your bags from plane to car and vice versa.