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Diplomatic Air Charters

Aspen Aviation provides Diplomatic Air Charters for many Celebrities, Kings and Queens, Heads of State, Prime Ministers, Embassies, Royal Families, Governments and an assortment of VIP’S.

Diplomatic Air Charters have many more requirements than a Private Jet Charter. Security is probably the top issue. Aspen Aviation will coordinate with your security personel, US officials involved, along with top management of the FBO to be used.

Please let us know in advance if any of your security people will be carrying guns or weapons. These are usually not a problem.

To insure a timely flight, Aspen Aviation will work with Air Traffic Control to get priority clearance.

Your special needs will be given the utmost attention. Our air service associate has been providing this type of service to a multitude of governments and entities for over 27 years have honed our skills so that every Diplomatic Air Charter we do, goes perfectly!

We can also provide helicopter service if and when needed.