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Flight Following

Flight Following

Aspen Aviation provides two ways of flight following your flight.

If you have friends, co-workers, family that would like to know when you depart and arrive, please let Aspen Aviation know in advance. We will make the calls to the people who need to know your itinerary.

You may also go to www.flightaware.com upon entering the site, enter the tail or registration number of the aircraft to be tracked on the left hand side of the site. This will give you graphical representation of the flight. Please note that we have seen the times displayed by flight aware to be off by up to 20 minutes in the rears.

Some air charter operators use flight numbers instead of their tail or registration numbers. This should be provided to you in advance. In not, please ask your charter coordinator for the flight number of your aircraft.

FOR AIR CARGO CHARTERS, Aspen Aviation will provide the following calls on all shipments:

  • When the aircraft arrives for loading
  • When the aircraft departs, and the estimated arrival time at the destination airport.
  • Arrival and departure of the aircraft at a fuel stop, and new estimated arrival time.
  • When the aircraft arrives at the destination airport.
  • When the freight is off-loaded, and the name of the person picking up the cargo.