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Heli Service

See below as to price quote and other questions & answers FYI.

Good news. We have a access to a new Aspen based helicopter with FAR Part 135 certification, locally owned by a family for personal use that allows us to book flights when not shuttling their friends / family back and forth from Aspen to their ranch over the hill.

It is a Eurocopter 130B4, a helicopter designed specifically for sightseeing, with oversized windows and increased viewing angles. The large doors and a low-slung fuselage make for easy boarding, and the ride is noticeably quieter than other similarly sized craft — both to those inside the cabin and on the ground.

The craft holds six passengers comfortably — with two in the front row with the pilot — plus plenty of space for baggage and the other items like bicycles, and other elements of your Rocky Mountain lifestyle.

We always want to take into consideration the weather for safety purposes.

Here are some of the questions and answers that have been asked by others FYI:


Q – What is the cost to go from Crested Butte to Aspen, or from Aspen to Crested Butte  (CB)?

A - The price is $1,600.00 with room for 6 passengers.


Q – ID. ? Do the guests need any forms of ID or anything special to board the aircraft?

A - Have the passengers have ID with them but it will not be necessary to view them.


Q – Flight Time ? How long is the flight back to Aspen from CB ? 

A - Flight time back to aspen is 25-30 minutes.


Q – Direct flight or mini tour ? Does the pilot fly direct, or do a short tour to lengthen the flight a bit? 

A - The pilot will make it scenic and enjoyable.


Q - Cancellation policy ?

A – Cancellation policy is 48 hrs. before flight date money is returned; cancellation within 48 hrs. prior to flight date the funds are non refundable.


Q - Passenger Manifest ?

A - List of passenger names & weights.


Q - Payment policy ?

A - We require credit card number, exp. date, security code on back and billing zip code.

Pilot will not bill till the morning of the flight.


Q - C.B. Pickup Coordination ?.

A - The pilot shall call the Group leader on the Cell Phone upon final approach just prior to the ETD to make sure they are at the north end of the Buckhorn landing strip at Crested Butte, or at the Aspen FBO at Sardy Field air terminal.


Q – What is necessary to book a flight ?

A - Please have the following in order when you call or email to book a reservation:

  1. Confirmation of date;
  2. Passenger manifest list prepared to provide passenger names & weight particulars;
  3. The name and a cell phone # for the group leader;
  4. ETD (Estimated Time of Departure) from CB to leave for Aspen, or in the opposite direction;
  5. Credit Card Data.