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Las Vegas Charters

Las Vegas charters

If you are going to Las Vegas, please call us during the daytime, or schedule the charter prior to the day of the flight. Aspen Aviation has instituted a policy of no last minute nighttime charters to Las Vegas, unless it is booked through the American Express Concierge desk.

This policy resulted from a spat of last minute requests from individuals who had already been partying and had consumed alcohol which altered their judgment.


The Federal Aviation Agency, (FAA), has a rule in Part 135.121 subpart c, which states: No certificate holder may allow any person to board any of its aircraft if that person appears to be intoxicated.


We apologize in advance for not complying with your late night Las Vegas requests. However, we can complete your request if it comes through the American Express Concierge desk, if payment is made using the American Express Card and if you are not intoxicated.


The American Express Concierge desk may be reached at:

  • (954) 331-5200 extension 50304, extension 50019                          or extension 50083
  • (866) 444-1445 extension 2026
  • (800) 345-2639 extension 6798
  • (877) 877-0987 extension 57142