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When packing your luggage for an air charter flight, please remember less is better. The aircraft you will be flying has a fixed interior space, and can accommodate only so much.

In most cases one normal size bag, and one carry one can be accommodated per person. When traveling on a full aircraft, where every seat is taken, the amount of luggage becomes more critical.

If you have additional luggage and large items like golf clubs, skis, snow boards, duffel bags, rifle cases, musical equipment, etc. please let us know in advance. All aircraft are not created equal when it comes to storing luggage. If we know in advance, we will make every effort to accommodate your luggage, but if you show up with more luggage than the aircraft can accommodate, the excise luggage may have to left behind or shipped to your destination.

Please use common sense on the amount of luggage you bring to the airport. Many times we have customers wanting an 8 or 9 passenger aircraft and show up in two vans, one for the passengers, and one for their luggage, and expect to get everything on board. In this situation, the luggage probably will not make it on board.

Also use common sense on the size of your luggage. We had one customer who brought most of their wardrobe. We had to get a second aircraft just for the luggage at their cost. The next time they flew, we asked them to bring only one piece per person. To comply with our request, the customer purchased suit cases the size of an executive desk, which required two people to carry each one. When we told the person their luggage would not fit, they said, “But Darling, I only have one piece per person as you asked”.