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Colorado Mountain Airports.

Colorado Mountain Airports

Aspen, Eagle, Gunnison, Montrose, Steam Boat Springs


Going to the mountains during ski season brings some additional challenges to air charter. During the holidays, Air Traffic Control, ATC, imposes a reservation system on Colorado’s mountain airports. This presents an extra challenge to the air charter operator. Even if you book your trip 6 months in advance, the air charter operator can not obtain a landing slot until 72 hours of your proposed arrival. Less than 5 slots are allotted each hour for each airport. This means that your proposed arrival time may have to be changed to accommodate ATC’s slot system, or an alternate airport may have to be used. Rifle, and Grand Junction are the alternatives to Aspen or Vail/Eagle. If the alternate airports are used, limousine services are available to take you to or from Aspen or Vail/Eagle. Cost for the limo’s are additional.

Skies and snow boards present another challenge. If you are bring either, please notify us in advance so that we can give you an appropriate aircraft for your air charter. Most of our light and medium jet aircraft do not accommodate skies, and only a few of our turbo props do. Also, there is the additional snow gear and boots. If you have a full aircraft where all of the seats are occupied, there may be a baggage issue where not all of you belonging will fit into the aircraft. Remember less is best.

Options are to ship your skies or snowboard in advance.

However, pre planning works well. Let us know about what you want to bring, and we will do everything to accommodate you.


Note: The Aspen airport opens at 7 AM and closes at 10:30 PM no exceptions. Aircraft that violate this policy are fined $100 per minute, and after the second violation, the aircraft and the aircraft’s operator are banned from the Aspen airport for five years.