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Pilot certification & training.

Pilot certification and training:

To fly air charter, a pilot must obtain a commercial pilots license, an instrument rating, and a multi-engine rating. After obtaining these licenses, they are not eligible to fly air charter until they have a minimum of 1,200 hour of pilot in command experience. However, insurance companies actually dictate how many hours are needed and they usually require a minimum of 2,500 hours of pilot in command for light twin engine aircraft. As the aircraft becomes more complex, the minimum hours required by the insurance companies increase substantially.

Once the pilot is hired, they receive a minimum of 5 to 10 hours of in-flight training which covers every possible emergency that can happen in an aircraft. After the training, they need to take an oral and written examination, as well as a flight check in which they need to demonstrate their ability to a FAA examiner or a FAA designated check airman. These flight checks are very demanding and can be failed. This process is repeated every six months and continues as long as the pilot flies for hire.