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Private Jet Charter


There are two interpretations of “Private Jet Charter”.

1st  is that you use someone’s personal jet for your travel, or

2nd, our definition where you charter a jet for your own personal use and that aircraft is operated by a certified air carrier. Both look alike, but the ones we provide, the ones operated by certified air carriers have a huge built in safety factor.


The major differences are:

Private Jet Charter – (FAA Part #91) Using someone’s personal jet.

  • Maintenance – Parts replaced when they break
  • Pilot’s – Receive their pilot’s license for life. Future testing not needed.

Private Jet Charter – Operated by certified air carriers. (FAA part 135)

  • Maintenance – FAA determines when a part will fail. All parts and components on the aircraft are replaced per FAA time limits. FAA time limits insure the part will be replaced prior to it’s potential failure.
  • Pilots - Pilots must meet minimum charter requirements. Upon hiring, and every six months after, pilots receive 5 to 10 hours of training in every emergency possible on the aircraft they are flying which is followed by an oral, written and flight exam which can be failed.
  • Air Charter Company – The company and its records, aircraft and pilots are subject to inspection at any time. If any discrepancy is found, the company can be shut down until they are in compliance again.

Fractional Jet Charters fall under the first category, since you own the aircraft. Many of these companies say the operate the to the same standards as the FAA part 135 air charter operators, however, if they decide not to comply with a regulation, no one will know, as they are not subject to FAA scrutiny.

Besides the above safety factors, flying in a Private Jet Charter is the ultimate in travel. Many times you can drive your car right up to the aircraft to load your luggage, park your car for free, and walk on to your aircraft and be immediately whisked away to any destination your heart desires. Enjoy the privacy and solitude that flying in your own aircraft can only provide. Conduct business meetings in total secure environments and without any interruptions. Plus you can enjoy your personally selected catering service.

Aspen Aviation brings all this to you, and at the lowest cost available.