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Security Precautions.


SMALLER AIRCRAFT – Air charter flights are actually more secure than scheduled service as you usually know everyone you are traveling with except for the crew members who are registered with the government.

Passengers’ full names are required so that they may be checked against a government no fly list. Baggage is not normally searched unless the passenger’s behavior makes the pilot or crew suspicious.

There is no additional time required for boarding an air charter. Once the passengers arrive, they can board and the aircraft can depart shortly thereafter, if not immediately.

LARGER AIRCRAFT (airliners) – Large aircraft charters have the option of departing from the main terminal which uses the same gates used for commercial flights or from fixed base operators, (FBO), located on the airport. If a terminal gate is used, the security will be the same as scheduled service. If a FBO is utilized, passengers may still have to go through a metal detector and have their baggage inspected. This procedure applies if there are multiple parties on board, such as with public charters. If every passenger is related, such as in team or band travel, security screening may be waived.